Diabeties Team Management

Successful management of diabetes requires the combined effort of a properly informed and educated patient, along with a support team of nutritionists, nurse educators, nurse practitioners, endocrinologists, and mental health advisors. It is this team approach which has proven to be successful in clinical research that we strive to bring to our clinical practice.

Doctor and Patient Intensive Therapy Program

Sierra Endocrine Associates has received recognition from the American Diabetes Association for our Intensive Therapy Program for type 1 diabetes.

We focus on intensive management of diabetes by striving for optimal glucose control along with a comprehensive program to monitor for, prevent, and treat the chronic complications of diabetes. Prevention of diabetes specific complications such as diabetic eye disease (retinopathy), diabetic kidney disease (nephropathy), and nerve damage (neuropathy) can be accomplished by controlling glucose to near normal levels.

Sierra Endocrine Associates uses all available methods for insulin delivery in many different combinations in order to meet the needs of each individual patient. Insulin pens and external insulin pumps are common components for our Intensive Therapy Program.

Insulin Pens

Using an insulin pen is more convenient than using a syringe to take insulin, especially when away from home. There are currently several types of insulin pens available from three manufacturers.

Advancements in Diabetes Management

We also continuously monitor new developments in our field to ensure we are offering our patients the most effective and easy to use tools for diabetes management. The Medtronic MiniMed glucose sensor and alternative routes for administering insulin, such as inhaled insulin, are recent additions to the tools we may use to assist you in achieving your diabetes treatment goals. Buccal (through the mouth) insulin products are currently being developed. Sierra Endocrine Associates will be prepared to offer new technologies and treatments as soon as they become available.

Educating Our Patients

We have an Intensive Management Education and Training Program. Our program is designed especially for patients who are intensively managed, currently use insulin pumps, or are considering insulin pump therapy.

Insulin Pumps

Insulin pumps offer greater lifestyle flexibility. There are three primary companies that manufacture insulin pumps: Medtronic MiniMed, Inc., Smiths Medical MD, Inc., and the Animas Corporation.

Pre-pregnancy and Pregnancy Counseling

Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy counseling on diabetes management is an active part of our practice. All together we assist over 300 women a year in managing diabetes before and during their pregnancy.