Education and Technology

Sierra Endocrine Associates directs a number of educational events throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

Sierra Endocrine Associates Events

Diabetes Management Training
This event is held one night a week, four weeks in a row, every other month at Sierra Endocrine Associates. It is specially designed for patients who are intensively managed, currently use insulin pumps, or are considering insulin pump therapy. Physician referral is required. Please call (559) 431-6197 for more information.

Session 1: Principles of Intensive Therapy
Session 2: Carbohydrate Counting
Session 3: Exercise, Sick Days, and Pattern Control
Session 4: New Technologies, Travel, and Pregnancy

Saint Agnes Medical Center Events

Staying Well with Diabetes
This event is a monthly diabetes education program hosted by the Saint Agnes Medical Centers, Diabetes Treatment and Resource Center. This American Diabetes Association recognized program focuses on the basics of type 2 diabetes. Morning and evening classes are available. Physician referral is required. Please call (559) 449-2002 for more information.

Gestational Diabetes Program
This program serves the need of women with diabetes during pregnancy. Joseph B. Hawkins, Jr., MD, FACE from Sierra Endocrine Associates medically directs the education and treatment of this program. It is held at the Saint Agnes Medical Center.

Pre-pregnancy and Pregnancy Counseling
Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy counseling on diabetes management is an active part of our practice. All together we assist over 300 women a year in managing diabetes before and during their pregnancy.